Translucence Biosystems Selected as a Finalist at the Octane 2022 High Tech Awards®
Join us on July 31 – August 4, 2022 for the AAIC 2022, Alzheimer's Association International Conference®
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Fast and reliable 3D analysis of biological samples

This is more than just microscopy — this is a revolutionary system of cutting-edge tools and technologies for next-generation 3D histology.

We are enabling the dimensional shift from 2D to 3D tissue histology, developing tissue clearing methods, assays, imaging technology, machine learning-enabled data processing tools and novel methods for big data statistical analysis of spatial anatomy.

Increase access to the intricate 3D structure of the brain and other complex organs with powerful workflows

unique expertise in tissue clearing

light sheet imaging with our Mesoscale imaging System™

Pipeline for computational 3D reconstruction

Machine learning-based image analysis

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Imagine entire 3D cell cultures which preserve structural integrity by combining with tissue clearing methods

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Latest research and news

August 3, 2022

At AAIC 2022, Translucence Presented Their Work on Brain-Wide Measurement of Antibody Therapeutics, Microglia and β-Amyloid Plaques

Translucence presented their whole-brain regional assays for β-Amyloid plaques and microglia and their collaborative work with Lundbeck measuring antibody therapeutics crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier and homing in on their target.
Translucence Biosystems
May 4, 2022

Co-Founder, Sunil Gandhi Ph.D., presents at the 8th Annual Bench to Bedside Symposium

Co-Founder, Sunil Gandhi Ph.D., presents at the 8th Annual Bench to Bedside Symposium hosted by the Gavin Herbert Eye Institute at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine.
Angela Prvulovic
March 30, 2022

Translucence Biosystems presents research at AD/PD™ 2022, Alzheimer's & Parkinson's Diseases Conference

Recent advances in optical clearing and light sheet imaging have opened an exciting new avenue for brain-wide, cellular resolution immunostaining at the forefront of a dimensional shift from 2D to 3D histology. With access to the intricate anatomy of the whole intact brain, we are developing unbiased and complete pictures of brain pathology for pre-clinical studies.
Damian Wheeler

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