Fast and reliable 3D analysis of biological samples

This is more than just microscopy — this is a revolutionary system of cutting-edge tools and technologies for next-generation 3D histology

We are enabling the dimensional shift from 2D to 3D tissue histology, developing tissue clearing methods, assays, imaging technology, machine learning-enabled data processing tools and novel methods for big data statistical analysis of spatial anatomy.

Increase access to the intricate 3D structure of the brain and other complex organs with our services

Experts in tissue clearing and staining methods

Light sheet imaging on ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 and Lightsheet 7 microscopes using our Mesoscale imaging System™

Pipeline for computational 3D reconstruction

Machine learning-based image analysis

Explore brain-wide neuronal activity with the Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit

Use our validated antibodies to measure cFos and Npas4, providing rich, detailed insights into systems-level activity.

The Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit is an ideal solution for next-generation 3D histology, making it the go-to option for researchers looking to streamline their processes.

Discount for new users

Ready to Embark on Your Pathway to a Streamlined, Reliable, and User-Friendly Tissue Clearing Workflow?

The Universal Tissue Clearing Kit provides a robust solution for all your tissue clearing needs.

Go deep with our Mesoscale Imaging System™

We developed the Mesoscale Imaging System, which makes the ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 and Lightsheet 7 microscopes compatible with the high refractive index solutions used in iDISCO+ and other tissue clearing methods.

The system’s components exploit the superior optics of the ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 and Lightsheet 7 microscopes and tune them for cleared tissue.

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Whole-brain assays

Neuronal Activity



Custom services


Tissue Imaging

Tissue Quantification

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