Speed-up your science with Stitchy™

Accelerate and streamline your image processing workflow with Stitchy™: The ultimate stitching tool built by scientists who analyze images every day!

Stitchy was designed with performance in mind! Stitchy offers best-in-class speed and compatibility with most hardware and operating systems including Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux.

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We offer more than stitching!

Stitchy includes preprocessing tools to simplify your downstream image analysis and visualization needs. Ask us about our user-friendly, unique features that make Stitchy stand out!

Introducing: Preview your stitch live with a single click!

Find errors early on, before committing to stitch your data, saving time and effort!

Stitchy fits into your workflow!

Various output formats, including IMS, TIFF and BigTIFF, to match your downstream needs. Need support for other formats? Ask us about our file format support!

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