Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain-wide assay to measure the deposition of β-amyloid plaque as a function of experimental and pharmacological manipulations.


β-amyloid plaque deposition is a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. Despite recent drug discovery setbacks targeting amyloid plaques, research efforts continue to elucidate the role of amyloid deposits in pathology progression. The β-amyloid Full-Pipeline assay enables insights into the brain-wide effects of experimental and pharmacological interventions on β-amyloid plaque deposits across the entire brain.

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Alzheimer’s Disease


Brain-Wide β-Amyloid Analysis

Experimental Treatments That Impact β-Amyloid Deposition

Perform your favorite behavioral, pharmacological, genetic, or other manipulation, and send us your samples. Or collaborate with us, and we’ll perform the animal treatments for you.

Tissue Clearing and Labeling of β-amyloid

Translucence Biosystems employs our modified iDISCO+ tissue clearing protocol to render intact samples optically transparent. Utilizing the 6E10 and other antibodies against β-amyloid to visualize β-amyloid plaques across the whole brain.

Whole-Brain β-amyloid Light Sheet Imaging

Cleared brains immunolabeled for β-amyloid are imaged on the Lightsheet Z.1 equipped with the Mesoscale Imaging System™. The Mesoscale Imaging System™ is optimized for imaging large intact tissues with unprecedented speed and resolution and is compatible with the high refractive index solutions used in tissue clearing protocols.

Translucence’s imaging pipeline captures cellular-resolution images of β-amyloid to visualize brain-wide distribution patterns of β-amyloid plaque.

Stitching of Light Sheet Images

We employ our in-house developed software solution, Stitchy, for automated light sheet image stitching. Stitchy is a robust software solution that stitches large imaging datasets 2.5-5.5 times faster than leading commercial software solutions. Stitchy eliminates intermediate file formats, enabling seamless integration with downstream image analysis pipelines.

AI-Powered Brain-Wide Identification of β-Amyloid Plaques

The Translucence Teravoxel Toolkit (3TK) software applies AI-powered algorithms to detect, segment, and quantify individual plaques in hundreds of brain regions, providing plaque density, size, and distribution metrics.

Actionable data

Browse actionable insights generated by the

Alzheimer’s Disease


β-Amyloid Plaque Staining and Labels in a 5xFAD Alzheimer’s Model Mouse Brain

Single z-planes through a 5xFAD mouse brain demonstrate the brain-wide pattern of β-amyloid aggregates. On the left is immunoreactivity measured with an anti-β-amyloid antibody. On the right, an AI-powered workflow in our 3TK software identifies and labels plaques throughout the brain.

β-Amyloid Plaque Quantification

This figure show a series of z-planes through an individual brain. The 2D heatmaps demonstrate β-amyloid plaque density at various depths through a 5xFAD mouse brain. Our 3TK software measures plaques density in hundreds of brain regions. The β-amyloid plaque density within a few exemplar regions are shown to the right.

AI-powered Separation of Two Populations of Objects in the Same Fluorescence Channel

Clearing and staining of a whole brain from a 5xFAD Alzheimer’s Disease model mouse with an antibody recognizing β-Amyloid.

AI-powered tools determine the probability that an object is a plaque (red) or cell (green). Our 3TK workflows can then perform brain-wide regional quantification of independent object populations extracted from the same fluorescence channel.

Brain-Wide Regional Quantification of β-Amyloid Plaques

After segmenting amyloid plaques throughout the brain, we register individual brains with the Allen Reference Brain, using the warping function to shift the x,y,z coordinated of individual plaques into a standard coordinate space. We then use the 3D brain map to produce automated regional quantification of amyloid plaque density.

The Alzheimer’s Disease Full-Pipeline Service

The Alzheimer’s Disease Full-Pipeline service offers researchers a comprehensive view of β-amyloid plaque distribution across the entire brain, positioning it as an ideal solution for Alzheimer's disease research and therapeutic development.

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