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Explore our kit. Use promo code: NEWUSER for a discount on your first purchase
Explore our kit. Use promo code: NEWUSER for a discount on your first purchase

Translucence Universal Tissue Clearing Kit

Your pathway to a streamlined, reliable, and user-friendly tissue clearing workflow

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Kidney Smooth Muscle Actin
Coronavirus-Induced Spinal Cord Neuroinflammation
Liver Bile Ducts
Tyrosine Hydroxylase Brain Hemisphere
Liver Vasculature
Brain Vasculature

The Universal Tissue Clearing Kit provides a robust solution for all your tissue clearing needs.

This kit, in combination with your chosen antibodies, empowers you to effortlessly clear and stain an extensive range of tissues, including mouse brain, lung, liver, spinal cord, and more.

Need expert guidance for a specific tissue? Reach out to our dedicated kits team at kits@translucencebio.com, we are happy to discuss how our kits can meet your specific research needs.

The Translucence Universal Tissue Clearing Kit is the ideal choice for next-generation 3D histology across various tissues. It stands out as the preferred option for researchers seeking an easy path to expert-level tissue clearing.

Enables you to clear your tissue of choice while using your preferred antibodies

Uses the Translucence Biosystems’ modified iDISCO-based clearing protocol, allowing you to achieve the same high-quality clearing that we provide with our services.

High Quality Results You Can Count On

Partnering With You on Your Path to Discovery

Translucence Biosystems is dedicated to partnering with researchers on their path to discovery. We recognize the critical role that three-dimensional analysis of biological samples plays in advancing scientific research.

That's why we have developed a comprehensive approach to 3D histology, integrating innovative tissue clearing techniques, state-of-the-art imaging technologies, and advanced quantification pipelines.

Our solutions enable researchers to analyze entire intact samples quickly and reliably, revealing insights and patterns often missed by traditional 2D slice IHC methods.

Our ecosystem of 3D histology solutions is designed to accelerate your research process and help you achieve your research goals.

We are proud to offer a team of expert scientists, committed to supporting you every step of the way. At Translucence Biosystems, we are not just a provider of 3D histology solutions —we are a partner in your research success.

Access an Overview of the Protocol

We value your research time. Access our downloadable protocol calendar for a straightforward, step-by-step guide to the Universal Tissue Clearing Kit Protocol.

The calendar allows you to easily plan your experiments, track progress, and stay on schedule.

What's Included in the Universal Tissue Clearing Kit

Reagents and Disposables for 5 Whole Mouse Brains:
— 10x Washing Buffer 1;
— 10x Washing Buffer 2;
— Permeabilization Solution;
— Blocking Solution;
— Primary AB Buffer;
— Secondary AB Buffer;
— Sample Tubes.

*Our team is always available to provide tailored positive control antibody recommendations for your specific tissue type.

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