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Explore our kit. Use promo code: NEWUSER for a discount on your first purchase
Explore our kit. Use promo code: NEWUSER for a discount on your first purchase

Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit

Your Pathway to Brain-Wide Cellular Resolution Monitoring of Neuronal Activity

Prefer to use your own antibodies? Inquire about our Universal Tissue Clearing Kit, which enables you to use antibodies of your choice. We’re currently gathering feedback from our early-access users. Become an early access user by reaching out to our team at kits@translucencebio.com.

Explore brain-wide neuronal activity with the Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit.

Use our validated antibodies to measure cFos and Npas4, providing rich, detailed insights into systems-level activity. This drug-treated mouse brain cleared with the kit shows Npas4 immunoreactivity in green and cFos immunoreactivity in red.

Product Overview

At Translucence Biosystems, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for tissue histology research. Our latest product, the Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit provides a simple solution to simultaneously measure cFos and Npas4 throughout the brain, allowing for cellular-resolution monitoring of recent neuronal activity-dependent signal transduction.

Compared to traditional methods, the Translucence Kit offers a more efficient, reliable, and streamlined approach. It eliminates the need for complicated and unreliable processes, providing researchers with the simplicity they need to achieve precise and accurate measurements. The Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit is an ideal solution for next-generation 3D histology, making it the go-to option for researchers looking to streamline their processes

High Quality Results You Can Count On

Our Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit enables you to capture activity patterns across the entire brain by measuring the expression of immediate-early genes (IEGs) Npas4 and cFos at single-cell resolution. Although cFos is widely used as a marker of neuronal activity, its expression is also associated with other signaling pathways such as cAMP elevations, neurotrophins, and other paracrine factors, which reduces its specificity as a marker of pure neuronal activity. In contrast, Npas4 is precisely regulated by Ca2+-dependent signaling downstream of neuronal activity.

The divergent nature of these two IEG products, as shown in Figure 1, highlights the importance of measuring both gene products to gain a comprehensive understanding of the brain-wide signatures associated with neuronal activity and other signaling mechanisms in response to genetic, pharmacological, or behavioral manipulations.

Furthermore, Figure 2 showcases zoomed-in regions from 2D optical slices at various plane depths in a single brain, demonstrating the high resolution and antibody penetration one can attain with the Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit.

Our comprehensive ecosystem empowers researchers to achieve comprehensive and impactful results

At Translucence Biosystems, we are dedicated to partnering with researchers on their journey to discovery. We recognize the critical role that analyzing biological samples in three dimensions plays in advancing scientific research. That's why we have developed a comprehensive approach to 3D histology, integrating innovative tissue clearing techniques, state-of-the-art imaging technologies, and advanced quantification pipelines. Our solutions enable researchers to quickly and reliably analyze their samples, revealing insights and patterns that traditional methods miss.

Our ecosystem of 3D histology solutions is designed to accelerate your research process and help you achieve your goals. We are proud to offer a team of expert scientists who are committed to supporting you every step of the way, providing the guidance and assistance you need to achieve the results you seek. At Translucence Biosystems, we are not just a provider of 3D histology solutions - we are a partner in your research success.

When to Expect Results

Our protocol calendar breaks down the clearing kit process into manageable steps, so you can keep track of progress and stay on schedule.

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to your research. That's why we've created a handy protocol calendar that lays out the Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit Protocol in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

Protocol Process

For detailed information on the Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit Protocol refer to our product manual on our support page, An abridged version of the protocol can also be viewed.

Included in the kit

Reagents and Disposables for 5 Whole Mouse Brains:
— 10x Washing Buffer 1;
— 10x Washing Buffer 2;
— Permeabilization Solution;
— Blocking Solution;
— Primary AB Buffer;
— Secondary AB Buffer;
— Anti-Npas4 Antibody;
— Anti-cFos Antibody;
— Npas4 Secondary Antibody (568);
— cFos Secondary Antibody (647);
— Sample Tubes included.

Looking for flexibility in your neuronal activity research?

Our Translucence Tissue Clearing Kit offers a base kit option without Npas4 antibodies, allowing you to use your own antibodies.

Become an early-access user and help us shape the future of neuronal activity research. Early-access users will receive a 30% discount in return for sharing their valuable insights with our team. Inquire about our base kit via email kits@translucencebio.com or just fill in the form.

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