Explore brain-wide neuronal activity with the Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit.
Explore brain-wide neuronal activity with the Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit.
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Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit

$ 995 USD

The Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit provides a simple solution for simultaneous measurement of cFos and Npas4 throughout the brain, enabling cellular-resolution monitoring of recent neuronal activity-dependent signal transduction. The Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit is an ideal solution for next-generation 3D histology, making it the go-to option for researchers looking to streamline their processes.

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Our Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit empowers you to capture activity patterns across the entire brain by measuring the expression of immediate-early genes (IEGs) Npas4 and cFos at single-cell resolution.

While cFos is widely used as a marker of neuronal activity, its expression is also associated with other signaling pathways, such as cAMP elevations, neurotrophins, and other paracrine factors, which reduces its specificity as a marker of pure neuronal activity. In contrast, Npas4 is precisely regulated by Ca2+-dependent signaling downstream of neuronal activity.

Compared to traditional methods, the Translucence Kit offers a more efficient, reliable, and streamlined approach. It eliminates the need for complicated and unreliable processes, providing researchers with the simplicity they need to achieve precise and accurate measurements.

Included in the kit

Reagents and Disposables for 5 Whole Mouse Brains:

  • 10x Washing Buffer 1
  • 10x Washing Buffer 2
  • Permeabilization Solution
  • Blocking Solution
  • Primary AB Buffer
  • Secondary AB Buffer
  • Anti-Npas4 Antibody
  • Anti-cFos Antibody
  • Npas4 Secondary Antibody (568)
  • cFos Secondary Antibody (647)
  • Sample Tubes

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Imagine entire 3D cell cultures which preserve structural integrity by combining with tissue clearing methods

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Looking for flexibility in your neuronal activity research?

Our Translucence Tissue Clearing Kit offers a base kit option without Npas4 antibodies, allowing you to use your own antibodies.

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