CEO, Damian Wheeler Ph.D., Presents at the BIO-SEE 2023 Webinar Series

Translucence Biosystems
March 23, 2023

Damian Wheeler Ph.D., CEO of Translucence Biosystems, presented the company's innovative approach to brain-wide single-cell imaging in a talk entitled "Brain-wide single-cell resolution imaging and machine learning-enabled quantification" at the recent BIO-SEE 2023 Webinar Series hosted by The Orbeli Physiology Institute.

Recent advances in tissue clearing and light sheet imaging have paved the way for brain-wide, cellular-resolution immunostaining. Translucence Biosystems is at the forefront of these developments, developing hardware, software, and reagent kits that enable neuroscientists to access the intricate anatomy of the whole intact brain, providing them with unbiased and complete views of brain anatomy and function.

During his presentation, Dr. Wheeler introduced the Translucence Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit, the latest addition to the Translucence Biosystems ecosystem. This new reagent kit allows neuroscientists to gain insight into brain-wide, cellular resolution measurements of neuronal activity using the immediate-early gene products Npas4 and cFos.

For a comprehensive overview of Translucence Biosystems' methodology, products, and services, we encourage you to watch the recording of Dr. Wheeler's talk to gain a deeper understanding of the exciting developments in brain-wide single-cell imaging and the potential impact on neuroscience research.

To learn more, please watch the recording of Dr. Wheeler's presentation below.

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