We recently partnered with Zeiss Microscopy to promote our Mesoscale Imaging System kit.
We recently partnered with Zeiss Microscopy
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Clearing & Analysis Services

We offer advanced mesoscale analysis services using cutting edge clearing techniques and high performance, custom software packages

Leaders in iDISCO+ Technology

Translucence combines an optimized tissue clearing method based upon iDISCO+, imaging on the ZEISS Lightsheet Z.1 microscope using our proprietary Mesoscale Imaging System and our machine learning-enabled automated cell morphology detection and cell counting software.

We can immunostain and quantify various epitopes, including immediate-early gene products (e.g. Npas4, cFos), ß-amyloid and various neuroinflammation markers expressed in microglia. Custom epitope testing is also available.

We use a Zeiss Lightsheet Z.1 microscope outfitted with our Mesoscale Imaging System, which is co-marketed with Zeiss as an add-on for their new Lightsheet 7 system

We have developed Stitchy, software for simplified tiling and stitching of Z.1 microscope files

“We have developed 3TK™, which uses machine learning processes for automated detection of cells throughout the brain followed by regional quantification

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