Translucence Tissue Clearing Kits– Achieve Expert-Level Clearing And Staining In Your Own Lab

Angela Prvulovic
November 29, 2023

No tissue clearing experience? No problem. Translucence Biosystems is excited to announce the release of our new kit and reagent products that enable researchers to achieve expert-level tissue clearing and staining in their own labs.

The Universal Tissue Clearing Kit provides a robust solution for all your tissue clearing needs. This versatile kit offers:

  • Antibody of your choice: Clear and stain an extensive range of tissues, including mouse brain, lung, liver, spinal cord, and more, while using your preferred antibodies
  • Streamlined Protocol: Follow our user-friendly, detailed, and straightforward protocol to easily plan your experiments, track progress, and stay on schedule
  • Expert Support: Access the guidance of our dedicated team of tissue-clearing experts, ready to assist you throughout your research journey
  • No Special Equipment Required: Making high-quality tissue clearing accessible to every lab

Need expert guidance for a specific tissue? Reach out to our dedicated kits team at, we are happy to discuss how our kits can meet your specific research needs.

Prefer to use our validated antibodies to capture brain-wide snapshots of neuronal activity? Our Neuronal Activity Tissue Clearing Kit offers:

  • Cellular-resolution Monitoring: Enables detailed visualization of neuronal activity at the single-cell level
  • Brain-wide Analysis: Provides a comprehensive view of neuronal activity across the entire brain
  • Streamlined Workflow: Straightforward protocol that breaks down the process into manageable steps, enabling you to capture activity patterns across the entire brain by measuring the expression of immediate-early genes (IEGs) Npas4 and cFos at single-cell resolution

Learn more about why concurrent measurement of both cFos and Npas4 will provide you with more robust results here.

For those looking to achieve expert-level clearing and staining in their own lab, our kit and reagent offerings are now accessible in our online shop.

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